Firearms Safety Policy

1. Safety mishaps, particularly with firearms, expose the organization to liability issues and could significantly damage VCDL's credibility as a gun rights organization. At all events, the rules and requirements of the sponsor/promoter shall be strictly observed.

2. As a minimum, for all non-range VCDL activities or functions, the following standards shall apply:

A. Loaded Firearms

Whenever the sponsor/promoter permits loaded firearms, or at all VCDL-sponsored meetings, events, or gatherings, loaded firearms shall NOT be handled; they will remain holstered or otherwise secured at all times.

B. Unloaded Firearms

1. If loaded firearms are not permitted by the event sponsor/promoter (e.g., gun shows), clear your firearm before coming into the event, and keep your loaded magazine or cartridges elsewhere about your person unless this contradicts the promoter's rules. Shift partners and/or coordinator will verify that each other's firearms are cleared at the start of each shift or event.

2. When handling or passing an unloaded firearm to another person, the firearm will always be kept pointed in a safe direction, cleared and visibly checked and confirmed unloaded by at least two persons. Cylinders or actions will be in the open position as the firearm is passed to another person.

3. Triggers will not be touched unless standard safety precautions (above) have been met to execute a safe dry fire.

3. During range activities the policies and rules of the range master or senior instructor shall be strictly observed.

4. Responsibilities: All members/attendees share the responsibility to support, adhere to, and assist with the implementation of these procedures and standards, to make corrections and report violations to any VCDL coordinator, executive member, officer, or director in attendance.

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