VA-ALERT-02-25-2021: ACTION ITEM - Loudoun County Considers Local Gun Control; Legislative Update for 2/25/2021

VA-ALERT-02-23-2021: Legislative Update & Charles City County considering change to shooting ordinance

VA-ALERT-02-22-2021: Legislative Update with Video of Committee Meeting

VA-ALERT-02-18-2021: VCDL Virtual Mtg Tonight and more...

VA-ALERT-02-17-2021: Legislative Update

VA-ALERT-02-15-2021:Legislative Update with Action Items; Gun ban at polling places, Homemade Gun Ban and more...

VA-ALERT-02-13-2021: URGENT ACTION ITEMS, Send emails for bills being heard Monday, 2/15

VA-ALERT-02-12-2021: Extension on UBC Injunction, Christiansburg says "NO" to gun control, virtual monthly meetings and more...

VA-ALERT-02-10-2021: Update on Winchester, FFX City, Loudoun, Portsmouth and General Assembly

VA-ALERT-02-05-2021-2: Urgent Action Alert for Charles City County! Gun-control bill SB1250 is dead for the year.

VA-ALERT-02-05-2021: VCDL Update w/Action Items Portsmouth, Winchester, FFX City, Loudoun, more...

VA-ALERT-02-03-2021: ACTION ITEMS on HB1909, HB2081, HB2128, HB2276

VA-ALERT-02-01-2021: URGENT ACTION ITEM for Senate bills SB1250, SB1381 & SB1382

VA-ALERT-01-28-2021: Legislative Update

VA-ALERT-01-27-2021: Legislative Updates, Upcoming House Public Safety Committee Meeting Friday, 1/29/2021

VA-ALERT-01-27-2021: Local action items, Gun Bill updates, more

VA-ALERT-01-26-2021-2: VA-ALERT: URGENT: Domestic violence bill heard on Wednesday, 1/27!

VA-ALERT-01-26-2021: URGENT ACTION ITEM: gun bills to be heard in Senate TOMORROW (January 27)!

VA-ALERT-01-25-2021: URGENT ACTION ITEM: Gun bill being heard tomorrow (1/26) at 7 AM!

VA-ALERT-01-22-2021: Legislative Update with Urgent Action Item

VA-ALERT-01-21-2021: VA Senate Dist 38 Firehouse Primary TODAY

VA-ALERT-01/21/2021: Status of gun bills, note on Lobby Day, more

VA-ALERT-01-19-2021: URGENT ACTION ITEM: Gun-control bills to be heard THIS AFTERNOON!


VA-ALERT-01-14-2021: Lobby Day statement, update Hampton caravan start location, more...

VA-ALERT-01-13-2021: MailChimp Drops VCDL-No Reason Given

VA-ALERT-01-08-2021: Lobby Day Update, Help Needed!

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