A Real Look at Homicide and Suicide Numbers

Gun-control advocates love to cherry pick and group data in statistics to make things seem different then they really are.  For example, they love to clump suicide and homicide into the same category and then pick out only those committed with a firearm.  There's a reason for that.

Their statistics always leave out Washington, DC, with the strictest gun-control laws in the country.  There's a reason for that, too.

Here we've taken raw data from the Center for Disease Control for suicides and homicides, regardless of how the suicide or homicide was committed, to get a more realistic picture of where the states stand relative to each other, while ignoring whatever tool was used.  (NOTE: homicides include the lawful killing of another for self-defense and is thus slightly inflated.)

Ranking by cause of death: homicide and suicide 1999-2014 (CDC Data)

Overall ranking by homicide or suicide rate 1999-2014 (CDC Data)

Finally, homicide and suicide rates sorted by state 1999-2014 (CDC Data)

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