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VCDL Lobby Day January 18, 2021 - Stand With Us Against the Tyranny of Gun Control!

What is Lobby Day?

VCDL has been holding Lobby Day since 2002 and it has always been on Martin Luther King Day.  This day was chosen because it is in the beginning of the General Assembly Session, many people are off work, street parking is free, and the Delegates and Senators are in their offices. 

At least normally. 

This year, with COVID-19, things will be a little different, so we've adapted our plan to work with the current situation.  Here are some scenes from previous years.

VCDL's Lobby Day is a day when normal, everyday Americans go to the Virginia Capitol to tell our state legislators to SAY NO TO GUN CONTROL.  We know that gun laws won't stop crime.  We know that rights are not negotiable.  We know that our voices MUST be heard or legislators will think we don't care what laws they pass.

Why Should I Go?  Will It Change Anything?

Over 60 bad gun bills were introduced in 2020 alone!  The massive attendance at the 2020 Lobby Day was a major factor in defeating them!  The bills that did make it through were severely diminished from their original form.

We're not going to sugar coat it.  Bills were passed in 2020 that must be repealed.  But many, many bills were defeated, including bills to make semi-automatic firearms and suppressors illegal and to limit magazine size.  Another defeated bill would have stopped reciprocity with over 25 states!

We will see all those pieces of legislation back this year and more.  That is why Lobby Day 2021 is vitally important!  You can be a part of this historic event.

As we said, due to COVID-19 restrictions things will be different this year.  The House of Delegates is meeting remotely and the Senate will be in the Science Museum.  The Pocahontas Building looks like it will open up, but will probably be highly restrictive as to who can enter.  So there's no real reason for us to be in Capitol Square.  

This doesn't mean we should not go to Richmond!  It just means that we can set our own rules and schedule this year.  We've decided to lobby in a different way.  We want everyone to know that we are coming to Richmond so we will be in vehicles decked out with VCDL signs and flags.  We will form caravans coming from all four corners of the state, with people joining in all along the way, and we will all arrive in Richmond on Monday afternoon.

Click on the Master Map below to get details of the routes, waypoints and expected times.

How Will We Stand Out?  How Do I Join In?

We will have live tracking so you know when to get on board.  We will also have car flags, stickers, signs and magnets available which can be picked up at various locations around the state (we request a donation amount for the items, but it is not required).  The locations and more information on obtaining the various items is here.

We will also live-stream updates and other content throughout the day.  There will be many surprises so don't miss out!

What If I Want To Take In The Sights?

No doubt there will be many who want to stretch their legs and take in some of the historic sights around our Capitol City.  Since it is a holiday, you don't have to feed the meters on the street.  And there are many great restaurants in the downtown area that have welcomed VCDL members over the years, so you might want to visit them for a bite. 

If you wish to visit downtown Richmond, it is legal to carry a firearm for self-defense.  If you don't have a CHP, then don't have a magazine in your firearm that will hold MORE than 20 rounds.  Long guns should not be loaded while driving in a vehicle with or without CHP.  Richmond parks and government buildings are off limits if posted.  A person refusing to leave such an area when told to do so, could be charged with either a violation of the local gun-control ordinance or trespass.

Will We Break Last Year's Record?

Well, that is up to you!  We've already heard from people all over the country who don't want to miss out.  No doubt there will be "rumors" and other scare tactics uses to keep people home, but we know better.  Lobby Day has been happening for close to twenty years with ZERO incidence of violence.  And we don't expect that to change.  So pack the family in the car and take a road trip!

Check back often for updates and watch the VA-ALERT for details.  If you are not subscribed already click here.

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