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The VCDL-PAC is a state Political Action Committee, commonly referred to as a PAC. The sole mission of the VCDL-PAC is to help elect candidates who support our gun rights to state and local offices, regardless of political or party affiliation. By contrast, VCDL’s mission is to go on the offense to lobby and educate gun owners and voters about events in Virginia and how they can get involved to influence adherence to our Gun Rights. Unlike VCDL, the VCDL-PAC can be partisan and can endorse candidates. Over the past 20 years the VCDL-PAC has endorsed and funded many pro-2A candidates.

Every year VCDL puts out a survey to all candidates.  The VCDL-PAC uses the survey results, incumbent voting records and other information to make endorsements and decide which candidates to support financially.  Please note that the VCDL-PAC does not support any candidate who will not fill out the VCDL survey.  If they won’t go on record as supporting your gun rights we can’t be sure they will have the backbone to stand up for your rights while in office!  It is also important to note that we are a state PAC and cannot get involved in federal races.


While the VCDL-PAC is a Committee within VCDL, by law it cannot use funds donated to VCDL. Therefore, we depend entirely on YOUR generosity. From time to time we hold fundraisers, but for the most part we depend on your contributions to fund the fight to support candidates that support your rights. Let’s be contribution is too small (or too large!). Every penny helps, and pennies add up to dollars.

Please consider setting up a recurring contribution through our website. $2.00 a week is less than the cost of a latte, or $25 a month, roughly the cost of a box of .45 ACP will add together with others to make a real impact. Ask yourself, what is your freedom worth?

We actively accept contributions year-round. Please donate today.

Please note: By law, a PAC is not allowed to take anonymous contributions. If we receive anonymous contributions, we must give them to a qualified charity. If you wish to remain anonymous, please consider donating to VCDL. They are not subject to the same reporting requirements that a PAC must follow.

Also note, the VCDL-PAC cannot take contributions from non-United States citizens or from businesses not based in the United States.


The VCDL-PAC uses funds in a variety of ways. We send mailings to key districts, run radio, TV, and internet advertising and work to influence decision makers to support your gun rights. Additionally, we donate directly to the campaigns of candidates who support your right to keep and bear arms. Our strategy is multi-faceted and depends on the current circumstances. We work tirelessly to put your hard-earned dollars where they will do the most good!

The VCDL-PAC is only as strong as the donations. In 2019 out of state money poured into Virginia to fund anti-2A politicians. Our 2A candidates were swamped with lies and distortions by these out of state interests who are now influencing our Commonwealth. We must match these anti-2A interests and properly support our Virginia candidates. No donation is too small. Our constitutional rights must be protected, and we must take a stand!


Virginia state law requires the PAC to collect certain information about donors. The law requires the following items:

Your name, address, occupation, employer and your employer's principle place of business.

Some helpful hints: Your occupation would be what you do, not your job title. Your current occupation can be student, homemaker or retired. Business owners may put "entrepreneur" as occupation, and the name of their company as employer.


State law requires the VCDL-PAC to report ALL contributions to the Virginia State Board of Elections (SBE). However, your information is NOT made public unless your contributions total MORE THAN $100.00 in a calendar year.

We do not sell your name to any organization. Your information is kept within the VCDL-PAC and reported as required by law.


VCDL-PAC is ENTIRELY dependent on the generosity of people like you. People who care enough to make a difference. People who believe that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is an essential basic human right.

We work hard to make sure your donations are used to help elect freedom-minded people to our state legislature and local governments.

THANK YOU for your support and desire to make and keep Virginia free!

Please use the following link to contribute to VCDL-PAC.  Remember to select VCDL-PAC and fill in your employment information!

Contributions to VCDL and VCDL-PAC are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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