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Analysis of Virginia gun sales data shows more guns, less violence

The Richmond Times-Dispatch commissioned Virginia Commonwealth University professor Thomas R. Baker to review trends in guns sales and crime over the last 6 years.

What he found should come as no surprise to those of us in the pro-gun community. We have always known that Dr. Lott was correct that More Guns equal Less Crime. But Dr. Baker’s results will be another disappointment for the anti-gun crowd.

Dr. Baker found that, while gun sales increased an amazing 73% since 2006, gun-related offenses fell 27% during the same period.

Read more at the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


Nation’s Gun Show sees attendance double

Last weekend at the ‘Nation’s Gun Show’ at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia, attendance numbers were close to double what the promoters would have expected prior to the latest push by Democrats to ‘exploit‘ the Newtown tragedy to pass their radical gun-control agenda.

Annette Elliott, president of Showmasters Gun Shows says that “Literally, the exhibitors are running out of merchandise. They are running out of ammunition. They are running out of [so-called] ‘assault weapons’ and the handguns are moving rapidly also.

Read more at WTOP.

Virginia leading the nation in gun sales

In the wake of a concerted effort by Democrats to “exploit” the tragedy in Connecticut to further their radical gun-control agenda, gun sales have skyrocketed across the country.

And nowhere is that more evident that in Virginia, birthplace of liberty. When approached by the Washington Post, the Virginia State Police reported that “gun dealers requested nearly 5,150 background checks on purchasers in Virginia days after the Dec. 14 shootings in Newtown, Conn.,  the largest number ever in a single day … and in the days since, the daily number of background checks has regularly doubled corresponding totals from the previous year.

VCDL Executive Member John Pierce was quoted heavily in the resulting article.

Read more at The Washington Post.


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