VA-ALERT: Senator Vogel responds to VCDL on gun control plans

Senator Vogel has been responding to VCDL members who questioned her resolve based on some statements she made in

Her response is that she will support our Second Amendment rights. However, part of her response is still troubling:

"...I have grave concerns about the consequences of that Connecticut murder and have to remain open minded about how we change the tone and address some of these issues."

While having an open mind is not necessarily a bad idea generally, it is important to note that too open of a mind will let a person's brains spill onto the floor.

Here is VCDL's response to ALL legislators who are considering ANY KIND of additional gun control:

1. The Connecticut massacre happened in CONNECTICUT and NOT Virginia! Connecticut has very severe gun-control laws and we have seen how well those laws work everywhere they are tried. Tightening our laws in any way will NOT make us less susceptible, but more susceptible to having a similar massacre here. What will help is to allow CHP holders, including teachers and administrators with CHPs, to carry on K-12 property.

2. Gun owners in Virginia do not want ANY more gun control. NONE. We will be watching votes very carefully - in subcommittees, committees, and on the Floor. Bad votes will be exposed to constituent gun owners and not be forgotten come election time (the House of Delegates is up for election in 2013).

Bad votes will include, but not be limited to, the following:

* Gun bans of any sort, whether based on cosmetics, or not
* Magazine bans, or any other accessory bans, of any sort
* Background checks on private sales
* Restrictions on purchase, transfer, carry, storage, or discharge of firearms
* Restrictions on gun shows, dealers, hunting clubs, or firing ranges

None of the above would have stopped the Connecticut massacre:

* Columbine and other massacres happened well into the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban.

* The Virginia commission that looked into the Virginia Tech massacre issued a report that said, in part, that magazine capacity would not have affected the massacre one way or the other.

* Background checks on private sales had nothing to do with what happened in Connecticut, and can be easily defeated using "straw purchases," as was the case of the recent murder of some ambushed firemen in New York. Background checks on private sales would effectively register guns, allowing for confiscation, which is being discussed by some legislators.

Lobby Day is Monday, January 21st. YOU NEED TO BE THERE!