VA-ALERT: ACTION ITEM: Shooting range under attack in Craig County!

The Potts Mountain Shooting Range, a public shooting range in Jefferson National Forest in Craig County (Roanoke area), is coming under pressure from a Craig County Board of Supervisor member to close! 

The whole thing was precipitated by a woman, who doesn't even live near the range, complaining to the County about noise from the range. 

The Craig County Board of Supervisors is going to hold a meeting Thursday and has invited a representative from the National Forest Service to discuss the possibility of closing the range. 


There should be an opportunity for the public to address the Board of Supervisors. I plan on speaking and I encourage you to do so as well. 

The meeting is being held THIS THURSDAY at 5:30 PM at: 

Craig County Courthouse (upstairs) 
182 Main Street 
New Castle, VA 24127 

This meeting tops the agenda and should be heard fairly soon once the meeting starts. 

I can't emphasize enough the importance of protecting every single range in Virginia. If one falls, other localities might try the same thing. Conversely, if we send a powerful message, other localities will get the idea not to mess with our gun ranges! 

If you can make it to the meeting, please do so. ESPECIALLY if you live in Craig County. If you have friends or family in Craig County, pass the word on the them! 

Let's start with a shock-and-awe email campaign to POLITELY get the Board of Supervisor's attention. Thousands of emails will do so. ;-) 


Here are the Board of Supervisors email addresses (just copy and paste the list into your email program's "To:" box): 

Suggested subject: Keep the Potts Mountain Shooting Range OPEN! 

Suggested message (feel free to change this, and if you live in Craig County it is important to say so): 

As Virginia becomes more and more urbanized, it is getting very hard to find a place for Virginia citizens to be able to shoot. It is an important role of government to protect the common good. I urge you to NOT take any action that would either cause or encourage the Potts Mountain shooting range to close. 



I should be there around 5:15 PM with Guns Save Lives stickers for you to wear. 

NOTE: the meeting is being held in a courthouse, so firearms, ammunition, knives, etc. are not allowed under current Virginia law, even though the court is not in session (we need to fix that law). 

See you there!