Fincastle Mayor supports gun control, misleads public in LTE

Over the weekend, the Roanoke Times published a letter-to-the editor from Fincastle Virginia Mayor Robert Waid. In the letter, Mayor Waid calls on citizens to accept gun control because denying citizens “automatic weapons and clips of more than 10 rounds is not only reasonable, but the right thing to do.

Before we even begin to discuss Mayor Waid's skewed definition of 'reasonable', I want to point out that he repeatedly uses the term 'automatic weapons' in his short letter.  The problem?  The ban on so-called 'assault weapons' that the Mayor is espousing has nothing to do with automatic weapons.

Fully automatic weapons have been heavily regulated in the United States since the National Firearms Act was passed in 1934.  When anti-civil-rights activists use this term, they are attempting to confuse the issue in the minds of middle-of-the-road Americans who might not be familiar with the law.  In other words ... they are lying!

The ban the Mayor is so eager to have you agree to is nothing more than a ban on the most popular sporting firearms in America.

I have to believe the good people of the Roanoke Valley will not fall for such misinformation.  Please read his letter and leave your comments.