VA-ALERT: "Gun show loophole" bill is DEAD in Senate!

Today, in the Courts of Justice committee, anti-gun Senator Marsh's SB 1001, a bill to close the non-existent "gun show loophole" (VCDL STRONGLY OPPOSE), was KILLED by a vote of 8 to 7! 

There were many changes suggested to the bill, but in the end the clock ran out for this year. 

There are still some pro-gun Senate bills alive, but all the anti-gun Senate bills are now dead. 

Most of the remaining House gun bills, good and bad, will be heard in subcommittee tomorrow, Thursday. 

In other news, HB 1604, Delegate Farrell's bill to allow locksmiths and electronic alarm employees to carry a concealed handgun for their own protection, assuming they have a CHP (VCDL STRONGLY SUPPORT), passed easily out of the House and heads to the Senate. 

SB 1335, Senator Obenshain's bill to protect a person's CHP information from dissemination by a Circuit Court Clerk if that person has a protection order out against another person (VCDL STRONGLY SUPPORT), passed out of the Courts of Justice committee by a 14 to 1 vote and heads to the Senate Floor.