Biden and Kaine to pitch gun control in Richmond

Vice President Biden will be joined by Democratic Senator Tim Kaine in Richmond on Friday to pitch the Obama Administration's gun control proposals.

Assuming that Senator Kaine has forgiven the Vice President for calling him Tom Kaine back in October in one of his famous gaffes, the administration should find a willing ally. Kaine proved time and again when he was Governor of Virginia that he does not support gun owners.

Long-time political observers will remember that Kaine likes to tell his base that he is a “strong supporter of the Second Amendment.” However, he is apparently one of those who reads the term 'hunting' into the Second Amendment and considers any other violation of the right to keep and bear arms to be 'reasonable.'  

He told the Huffington Post in January of 2011 that “I have long been a supporter of what I think are reasonable regulations.” As for what some of those restrictions might be, he noted that limits on the size of magazines are the “kind of legislation that I've long supported.

Virginia's gun owners should also remember that, as Mayor of Richmond, Kaine spent $6,000 of the public's money to provide buses to the Million Mom March promoting gun control.

Stay strong Virginia, because Biden and Kaine are coming to tell you why you should give up your rights. We need to be prepared to explain to them why that's not going to happen.