VA-ALERT: Gun control crashes and burns tonight!

Tonight at 5 PM we flooded the Militia, Police and Public Safety subcommittee #1!  The anti-gun bills being heard tonight didn't just barely die, they were crushed.  Of course there are plenty more bad bills out there, but this was a great start.  
The room was PACKED beyond capacity, with people hanging out both doors into the halls!  I  didn't bring nearly enough GSL stickers :-(
The bad bills were killed with a **unanimous bi-partisan** vote.
Killed were bills to require background checks on private sales, to ban guns in libraries, to reduce the number of courses that qualify for getting a CHP, an assault weapon ban, and a ban on guns in vehicles on school property.
One setback was on Delegate Bob Marshall's school bill, HB 1557, which would allow certain people to carry concealed handguns to protect schools.  It was referred to a commission set up by the Governor to vet such bills and the bill could still become law this year.  
Soon I will have you emailing the Governor to encourage him to do just that.  It's going to be a stretch, but we need to do our best to get the law fixed this year so as to avoid a massacre in a Virginia school.
I will say the support for Delegate Marshall's bill was impressive and even better than I had hoped.  Few spoke against the bill.
Oh, there were a few antis there, including one who claimed her group has more members than there are gun owners (she called her group something like "Million Angry Moms" or something like that).  For such a supposedly huge group, she was by herself.  Hmmm.  Surely she didn't exaggerate the size of her group?
Anyway, good job, VCDL!  The battle is ON.
Today, Friday morning, January 18, we need to do it again.  This time in the Senate Courts of Justice Committee starting at 8 AM.  There is a huge load of really bad anti-gun bills that will be heard and the vote could be very tight.  
I  will bring more GSL stickers this time ;-)