VCDL in Militia and Police subcommitte and Richmond membership meeting

VCDL members watch as Militia, Police, and Public Safety subcommittee considers some gun bills


Members listen to Board member Dennis O'Connor as he discusses what happened that night in subcommittee.


In Memorium: Hugh Cain, R.I.P.

It is with great sorrow that I report the passing of long time VCDL member Hugh Cain from the Tidewater area.  Hugh died suddenly on Saturday, November 23rd.  He worked the VCDL booth at gun shows regularly, so many of you may know him.  He will be missed.

Member Ron Hyson, who used to be a VCDL Gun Show Coordinator, wrote this about Hugh:

"Hugh was a retired Navy Corpsman who spent most of his service with the Fleet Marines as a Medic.  Hugh was also a Vietnam Vet.  Most of all he was a great guy who didn't pull any punches - if you asked Hugh a question, he would tell you exactly how he felt.  I admired him for that, his friendship, and his service to our country."

Hughes obituary is here:

Some photos (thanks to Ron Hyson):

Above - Hugh is on the right talking to the VCDL President at a Shad Planking event

Above - Hugh is on the far right with the volunteers for the VCDL booth at a Shad Planking.  (Ron Hyson is in the center kneeling.)

Above - Hugh is 3rd from the left.


New Castle Open Carry Day a success!

Some photos:



And lots of ladies carrying, too!

VCDL Raffle Winner!

Raffle winner Michelle Smith (3rd from left)

Congratulations to the winner of the VCDL raffle in the Roanoke area, Michelle Smith!

From left to right VCDL member Sheila Rigney, VCDL executve member John Wilburn, raffle winner Michelle Smith with her new Glock 19, and VCDL member Ryan Burch.

They are standing in front of Pawn Plus (1695 North Franklin St, Christiansburg), which donated the gun for the raffle.  VCDL wishes to thank Pawn Plus for its generous support!

VCDL President speaks at 2013 Gun Rights Policy Conference

At the 2013 Gun Rights Policy Conference, known by attendees as the GRPC, VCDL President Philip Van Cleave spoke about the many victories that VCDL and Virginia gun owners enjoyed in the 2013 legislative session.  

He also shared the challenges we face and the goals we are working toward in the upcoming session.


Petersburg, Va. Circuit Court Clerk backs down to gun group

Virginia resident Michael McNeill filed a petition with the Virginia Supreme Court requesting a Writ of Mandamus to compel Petersburg Circuit Court Clerk Shalva J. Braxton to follow Virginia law when it comes to concealed handgun permit application processing procedures.

A Writ of Mandamus is a judicial order compelling an official carry out a “ministerial duty,” i.e., a duty which is non-discretionary.

In Virginia, the legislature requires Circuit Court’s to issue concealed handgun permits if the applicant pays $50, submits proof of firearms training, and passes a background check.

Braxton initially told Petersburg NBC 12 News through her attorneys that “it’s not a big deal” to require citizens to submit applications for concealed handgun permit (CHP) renewals in person, even though state law requires Clerks of Court to accept CHP renewal applications by mail.

Read more at Mike Stollenwerk’s DC Gun Rights Examiner.

Virginia Representative Scott Rigel says he is one of us

On a recent edition of The John Fredericks Morning Show, Virginia 2nd District Representative Scott Rigell talked about his support for enhanced penalties for straw-man purchases and his pro-gun record.

Great pro-gun letter to the editor in Roanoke Times

“Andy Schmookler’s recent article on gun control is flat out wrong (“Draw the line on weapons of war,” Feb. 21). I am not sure which history he has been reading, but events over the last 400 years do not support his conclusions. His position would be amusing if it were not for the dangerously unworkable solutions to end mass murders that he, President Obama and other liberals propose.

The Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting and target-shooting and everything to do with the right and duty of individual citizens to be armed so they may defend themselves, their community and their country. This right to bear arms was demanded from the newly formed central government in 1791 by “We the People” because we had just previously rebelled against a tyrannical government that, among other things, had tried to disarm us ... ”

Read the entire letter at The Roanoke Times.