High-Risk Businesses

We have a "DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL POLICY." NEVER ask if it is OK or for permission to carry anywhere. Don't make an issue of the fact you are carrying. Don't cause problems for future patrons, or even for yourself. The point is, you want to have your defensive tool with you. No one needs to know. Don't make a big deal out of it. Try to be low key. 

We maintain the High-Risk Business List of Virginia oriented and Virginia based High-Risk Businesses. 

High-Risk Businesses are those businesses which completely ban both open and concealed carry of firearms on their premises and prominently post "No guns" or "No weapons" signs on the doors of the business.  Such "gun-free zones" are where almost all mass shootings occur in America.  They actually attract criminals, who prefer unarmed, helpless victims.  As such, your life is a greater risk when patronizing such an establishment than it would at other businesses which have no such policy.

Suggestions for updates or additions to the list should be made to our High-Risk Business List Coordinator.  Please include business name and address, the name of any person you might have spoken with, and any details of the encounter.