VCDL Accomplishments

The ONLY organization to get pro gun bills introduced in every legislative session since 1997


  • VCDL successfully lobbied the General Assembly to kill all anti-gun bills and help pass a bill to provide protections to someone who inadvertenty carries on K-12 school property.
  • VCDL convinced Newport News City Council to drop a legislative request for a permit to possess a firearm


  • Compelled Alexandria to remove the "No gun" sign from the doors of their police department
  • Compelled Alexandria to update and redistribute a flyer which had incorrectly described Virginia's gun laws
  • VCDL put together a team of 16 mental health experts to help guide VCDL thorough mental health bills introduced in the General Assembly dealing with guns
  • VCDL filed an injunction against Fredericksburg for an illegal gun "buy up."  It failed because the court said VCDL didn't have standing to bring the suit
  • Under pressure from VCDL, Roanoke County backs away from shooting restrictions
  • VCDL convinces Virginia Beach to drop a proposal that would make a criminal of a gun owner who doesn't report a stolen gun quickly enough
  • VCDL protests Stafford County Sheriff Jett's attempt to keep VCDL from having a booth at a National Night Out event
  • VCDL helps stop the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors from enacting hunting and shooting restrictions
  • Roanoke City is compelled to remove two illegal "no guns" signs
  • VCDL successfully lobbied the General Assembly to kill all anti-gun bills and to pass a bill clarifying that a concealed handgun permit is not needed when transporting a loaded handgun in a closed glove box, console or other close compartment of container.  The bill was vetoed by Governor McAuliffe
  • Helped to get Sussex County to repeal part of a noise ordinance which dealth with hunting and shooting
  • Helped to get Dinwiddie County to drop idea of new shooting restrictions
  • Brunswick County changes concealed handgun permit processing proceedures to comply with Virginia law after discussions with VCDL


  • Helped defeat a proposed BATFE rule that would make it harder to get NFA items
  • Helped defeat restrictions on hunt clubs in Amherst county
  • VCDL successfully lobbied the Gretna Town Council to approve a new shooting range
  • VCDL attended a Bedford County Board of Supervisors meeting to support a proposal that would allow school teachers to be armed
  • VCDL attended a York County Board of Supervisors meeting to support the Lafayette Gun Club's request to be able to make changes to their buildings
  • Stopped a gun "buy up" by Petersburg PD that would have been illegal as it would have destroyed the guns it took in
  • VCDL compelled the Orange County Circuit Court Clerk to issue concealed handgun permits within the legal time frame
  • VCDL successfully protested Michael Bloomberg's "Tyranny Tour" stop in Blacksburg
  • VCDL successfully compelled Botetourt County from illegally photographing concealed handgun permit applicants
  • VCDL forces Petersburg City Court Clerk to follow the law and issue permits through the mail and to only charge $50 by getting a Writ of Mandamus issued against her
  • VCDL had a "Bloomberg Magazine Giveaway," where some 30-round magazines were given away at a VCDL membership meeting
  • VCDL attended a James CIty County Board of Supervisors meeting to support Sheriff Deeds, who had a pro-Second Amendment statement removed from the County's web site
  • VCDL successfully lobbied the General Assembly to pass seven gun bills, the most important of which locked away concealed handgun permit holder information from the public. All anti-gun bills were killed
  • VCDL successfully lobbied the Craig County Board of Supervisors to not limit the hours of the Potts Mountain shooting range
  • VCDL protested several Auto-Zone stores after they fired an employee who stopped and armed robbery and saved his boss's life


  • Bills introduced on VCDL's behalf were passed & signed into law:
      • Repeal the local fingerprint requirement for CHP applicants
      • Prevent localities from banning firearms in personal vehicles while at work
      • Prevent localities from requiring extraneous info on CHP applications
  • Instrumental in getting bills passed & signed into law that
      • Prevent gun bans during states of emergency
      • Repealed Virginia's One Handgun a Month rationing scheme
      • Allow a CHP to be used as ID for elections
  • Held picnic in Pocahontas State Park celebrating the legalization of open carry in state parks
  • Held protest at Richmond central library over badly worded rule that would discourage the otherwise lawful carry of handguns there
  • Compelled Chesterfield County to take action on a poorly worded ordinance that caused police to erroneously believe that loaded handguns were not allowed in Chesterfield parks
  • Spoke at a Crime Commission Hearing in favor of rewriting the concealed carry law to make it more understandable


  • Bills introduced on VCDL's behalf were passed & signed into law to improve the issuance of new/renewal/replacement CHPs
  • Instrumental in getting bill passed & signed into law that makes discharge of air guns on private property legal in all localities as long as reasonable care is taken to keep the projectile on the property
  • Conducted "Operation Campus Safety" campaign to promote student & faculty right to self defense on state colleges & universities at
      • George Mason University (GMU)
      • James Madison University (JMU)
      • Old Dominion Universit (ODU)
      • Radford University
      • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
      • Virginia Tech (VT)
  • Spoke at Freedom of Information Act Council meeting in Richmond in favor of protecting CHP holder information from dissemination
  • Successfully fought off attempts by the Sussex Planning Commission to severely restrict ranges in Sussex County.
  • Hosted a series of VCDL public meeting where various law enforcement agencies discussed how they handle "man with a gun" calls
  • Supported shooting range projects in
      • Fluvanna County
      • Bedford County
  • Protested
      • the Richmond Mayor's press conference supporting New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's gun-control agenda
      • Martinsville's gun ban inside their government center


  • Bills introduced on VCDL's behalf were passed & signed into law:
      • Repeal the restaurant ban
      • Allows a CHP renewal to be done through the mail
  • Instrumental in getting bill passed & signed into law that did not require a CHP to place a loaded handgun in a closed container or compartment in a motor vehicle or vessel


  • A bill introduced on VCDL's behalf was passed & signed into law that
      • allows localities to be sued for having invalid, preempted ordinances on their books and
      • allows for the recovery of legal fees upon prevailing
  • The bill introduced on VCDL’s behalf to repeal the restaurant ban passed the House and Senate, only to be VETOED by the Governor for the 2nd time.
  • A bill introduced on VCDL's behalf was passed & signed into law securing individual CHP holder data from disclosure by the Virginia State Police after several instances of newspapers publishing lists of CHP holders.


  • The bill introduced on VCDL’s behalf to repeal the restaurant ban passed the House and Senate, only to be VETOED by the Governor.
  • A bill introduced on VCDL's behalf was passed & signed into law that allows CHP renewals to be done up to 180 days before expiration and if initiated between 90 and 180 days before expiration, the new permit will become effective on the same day as the old one expires


  • Compelled the Roanoke Times to remove CHP database from their website
  • Organized the first “Bloomberg Gun GiveAway” drawing


  • Instrumental in getting bill passed & signed into law to eliminate the requirement for fingerprinting of CHP applicants for renewals
  • Established the Gun Dealer Legal Defense Fund to aid Virginia gun dealers fighting NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s lawsuits


  • A bill introduced on VCDL's behalf was passed & signed into law that allows concealed carry in a vehicle on K-12 school property
  • Instrumental in getting a bill passed & signed into law that removed the presumption that if someone was carrying a firearm on Sunday in an area where a person could hunt, that the person was hunting


  • A bill introduced on VCDL's behalf was passed & signed into law giving full preemption protections to all gun owners in Virginia
  • Got hunting regulations changed to allow concealed carry of handguns for self-defense while hunting


  • Worked with Henrico Board of Supervisors to get permit holders exempted from the gun ban in Henrico parks
  • Played a key roll in getting preemption laws strengthened so that permit holders were totally protected from grand fathered ordinances while carrying or possessing a firearm


  • Worked with Roanoke and Salem Civic Centers to remove gun ban wording from signs
  • Instrumental in getting the Governor to allow Concealed Carry in State Parks
  • Compelled Arlington to drop its gun ban in City buildings
  • Got a strengthened preemption bill signed into law
  • Compelled the City of Richmond to remove illegal signs banning guns from City Hall Building
  • Compelled the cities of Richmond, Hampton, and Williamsburg and counties of Isle of Wight and Franklin to remove illegal signs banning guns in parks and libraries


  • Stopped an illegal Gun Ban in Henrico County buildings
  • Derailed "Operation Scarlet Letter" in Bath County -- the sheriff's scheme to have vehicles display a sticker indicating that the driver had a concealed handgun permit


  • VCDL originated technical & procedural improvements were made to the Concealed Carry Law


  • Worked with legislators to get three pro-gun bills introduced. One, the bill to completely repeal the ban on carrying concealed in restaurants, passed the Virginia Senate, before dying in an anti-gun House committee
  • Compelled the Prince William County Police to revise its Gun Safety Brochure
  • Stopped a proposed City Gun Ban in Harrisonburg


  • Defeated Fairfax County's illegal County Facility Gun Ban regulation in Court
  • Derailed mandatory statewide FBI fingerprint registration of all CHP applicants


  • Pressured Lowe's stores to allow Concealed Carry on premises
  • Forced Fairfax County Police to revamp their "Firearms Safety Presentation" to remove anti-gun propaganda
  • Distributed JPFO's "Gun Control Kills Kids!" literature at the anti-gun Stand For Children Rally in Washington, DC


  • Forced Fairfax County to comply with the Virginia CHP law by eliminating:
      • Personal history form
      • Police interrogation of applicant
      • Excessive fees
  • Instrumental in getting Virginia's concealed carry law changed from "may issue" to "shall issue," swelling the number of permit holders from a few thousand in 1994 to nearly 250,000 as of mid 2010
  • Engineered a change in Fairfax County's hunting restrictions to exempt persons lawfully carrying firearms for personal safety