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People Are Talking About VCDL

“VCDL, which prides itself on being more radical than the National Rifle Association (NRA) with stickers that say 'guns save lives,' supports allowing guns on school grounds, on college campuses, in libraries and government facilities and in bars. They oppose closing the gun show loophole and universal background checks.”

State Senator Mark Herring August 2, 2013

“... the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the commonwealth’s dominant gun lobby.”

Roanoke Times Metro Columnist Dan Casey - Jan 6, 2013

“The law was a victory for the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun-rights organization that makes the NRA look moderate.”

Eleanor Clift – Politics Daily – July 5, 2010

“[VCDL] campaigns for the right of gun owners to tote firepower in all kinds of places … including outdoor festivals and college campuses.”

The Daily Press – Oct 20, 2007

“Virginia Citizens Defense League . . . is on a mission to root out every nugget of gun control it can detect in Virginia. It has been behind campaigns to make sure concealed weapons are allowed in local government buildings, even civic centers, and fought to open up state and local parks to concealed weapons.”

The Daily Press – Nov 27, 2006

“They’re pretty effective, I have to give them credit.”

Jim Sollo, Chairman of Virginians Against Handgun Violence

Virginian Pilot – Nov 11, 2002

VCDL Lobby Day, January 18

VCDL will hold its annual Lobby Day on January 18th starting at 8:30 AM!  Lobby Day is held at the General Assembly Building, located at 9th and Broad Streets in Richmond.  Just look for a sea of people wearing a bright orange "Guns Save lives" stickers.

People are assigned to groups and enter the General Assembly Building to lobby for gun bills.  Each group will have veterans, so don't worry if you never done any lobbying.

Each team will have a copy of VCDL's 2016 Gun Bill Analysis which describes our position on the gun bills in front of the General Assembly.

At 11 AM we will have a rally at the Bell Tower, just down the hill from the General Assembly (near the intersection of Bank St. and 9th Ave.)  Various speakers will address the crowd, with the rally and Lobby Day ending at noon.

If you are coming from either Roanoke, Lynchburg, Fairfax (main government center), Fredericksburg, Virginia Beach, or Hampton, there are buses coming from those locations.  For details or to sign up for a bus, send an email to  We have a suggested contribution of $25 to cover the cost of the seat.  You can contribute as little or as much as you wish, however.

If you have a concealed handgun permit you can carry in the General Assembly Building and in the Capitol.  The Governor's ban on concealed carry in state agencies does NOT apply.

Here's a link to our Lobby Day Facebook page:

Here's a video from a previous year to give you an idea what Lobby Day is about:

The 2016 Legislative Session

The 2016 legislative session is almost upon us and the anti-gunners are hoping that you won't show up!

We need YOU to be involved this year more than ever before!  You need to plan on being at VCDL's 2016 Lobby Day at the General Assembly on Monday January 18th, 2016! 


Click Here For the VCDL 2016 Legislation Tracking Tool

Spread the Word on the Dangers of 'Universal Background Checks'

Do You Know the Dangers of
“Universal Background Checks”?

Some people are now pushing for “Universal Background Checks” (UBCs), where all gun transfers, even private gifts between friends & family, must go through a gun dealer.  While UBCs may sound harmless at first glance, they are NOT.

To be able to enforce UBCs, the government will have to implement a gun registration scheme, followed by “compliance inspections” in your home to verify that you registered all your guns and that you still have them.  Even non-gun owners could be required to register as such, and be subject to home inspections for verification, too.

It becomes easy to confiscate your guns since the government will know exactly which guns you own.  And you’d better have all those registered guns, and no others, when the government knocks on your door!

Click here to read more and to print out our flyer for sharing with as many people as you can - gun owners and non-gun owners alike

How will so-called 'Universal Background Checks' affect you

VCDL Ads running in January and Feburary

VCDL is running radio ads on WRVA in Richmond, Virginia starting January 14th and running through mid-February.

Electronic billboard ads are also running in Richmond, Roanoke Fredericksburg, and Virginia Beach from January 11th for four weeks.  Here is a sampling of some of the message thatr will be displayed:

Audio of ads running on WRVA (AM 1140) in Richmond

Lobby Day Ad.mp3

Our Gun Rights Are Under Attack.mp3

McAuliffe and Herring Want to Disarm Us.mp3

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